Charging 24v LiPo battery with Solar

I’m a 76 yo Vet who is going to Mombak a village about 100k by road SW of Wewak PNG on the 4th August to assist the locals to install a septic toilet at the local school. I have been there before during the building phase to install fans/power points that are connected up to a generator.The school has grown from the anticipated 30 student to about 100 therefore the septic installation is essential for sanitary purposes.

I have obstructive sleep apnoea and have been supplies with a CPAP and two 24v LiPO batteries to run the machine. Because of the cost of fuel the generator is only run for about 2/3 hours in the evening which is not enough to charge the batteries which take four hours on a 240v supply.

My intent is to possible obtain two 50/60w 12v semi-flexible solar panels a to use to do the job. There seem to be heaps os systems to charge lead acid batteries but not much for LiPo. I have contacted Resmed the suppliers of the CPAP and Batteries but they haven’t gone as far as making available charging facilities for the batteries. They have relied on either 12v car batteries or 240v but because of the limited avail;ability I need to use solar if at all possible. remembering of course weight is at a premium.

Last but not least. Request for support. As I am a retired vet on a DVA TPI disability pension would the company be prepared to supply system to me for my use of them but when I leave I may leave the system in the hands of the school principle so as the system may be use by the teaches to charge their devices The devices that are in normal use are mobile phones but that is not to say they may be able to purchase other devices that can be charged by this system,. I realize that the company will probable not get custom from them but I am willing, with the principles permission, place a sign somewhere in the building. Of course all the components will be identified with the company’s logo

If the company agrees to my request i will need the system in my hands by the Wednesday 31st July
Thank you for your valued input
Greg B
Resmed has supplied my with the attached info.

198103 Battery Guide.pdf (294.7 KB)
248817_power-station-ii_user-guide_row_eng.pdf (1.2 MB)
RPS II Userguide.pdf (1.2 MB)
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