Choosing Raspberry Pi kit for IoT prototyping with SAP

Hello Electronics Guru, I am looking for a kit to do IoT prototyping with Temperature or pressure sensor/module to raise a notification in the backend system if cross the threshold . I need a hardware (Rasberry PI or Tesslla etc) someting which I can configure easily on Windows 10 - 64-bit machine to collect data from hardware and connect that with my backend system in the SAP. Please advise a right kit to achieve this goal.


Hi Raj,

Sounds like a good project is underway. If you have Wifi in the area, then perhaps checkout the Particle Photon. As this board, and others made by Particle are IoT-ready out of the box, it’s incredibly easy to push/pull data. Checkout their learning system and reference guide.

A Raspberry Pi would be overkill if just used to measure temperature and other similar signals. A single DHT22 + a Particle Photon would use a lot less energy, and enable all sorts of IOT project in the future.

Thanks Graham, Thanks for advising DHt22 + a particle photon. I am also looking something where I can control/feed myself the temperature or humidity, I meant should able to change to signal values for demo puropse. Would able to do that if not what you advise?

Also, my friend and myself would attend the 25th March workshop in Sydney to understand more about electronics kit such as RashberryPi.


Hi Raj,

I’m not sure I understand your questions fully sorry, if you’re looking to create test values for your system you could use any device to input data to test that.

We don’t run any workshops in Sydney unfortunately, did you mean our Newcastle workshop on the 25th?

Hi Sam, Yes, 25th March in Newcastle, I meant. Not sure, what is the best way to reach there as I am going to fly from Melbourne.

Is there any possibilities to discuss over the phone? Thanks

Hi Rajesh,

That’s a little outside our forum swim lane sorry, perhaps google is your friend here. Bear in mind that there’s no need to fly up especially for our workshop as we’re putting together our online workshops which you can checkout on the workshop tab.

As discussed on the phone, you might want to start with this kit. There are some tutorials included and the remainder can be done here.

Hello Graham,
I have received the Particle Photon starter kit; now I want to do prototyping with RFID read/scan using Particle Photon starter kit. Now, what other material or module I need to make so that I can read the product RFID and can get the data out from Particle Photon. Please advise. Thanks Rajesh

Hi Rajesh,

Take a look around our website, we’ve got quite a number of different RFID products. The best way to find those is simply to use the search tool for ‘rfid’.

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