Circuit Playground - Available in Australia!

Circuit Playground is the newest board from Adafruit in the US. It’s an all-in-one board aimed toward education and beginners. It features 10 NeoPixel LEDS, a motion sensor, a temperature sensor, a speaker, a sound sensor, a light sensor, 2 push buttons and a switch! Theres absolutely no breadboarding, soldering or sewing required!

It’s loaded up with all these sensors and controlled using an Arduino-compatible ATmega32u4, so it can be programmed using the IDE we all know and love. Additionally the onboard JST connector can be used to power the board and take your circuits on the go!

Adafruit have really gone above and beyond in providing the maker/educator community with a magnificent board. These great sensors and features come with a fantastic price tag, the Circuit Playground board is only $30.00!

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