Cluster Enclosure for 4x Raspberry Pi and switch (AC-U6260)

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The fully complete case with a compact design reserved enough space for 4 RPis, 4 2.5” SSDs, and an Ethernet switch, as well as 2 cooling fans.

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Does this support Pi 5 /w POE Hat?


Hi Akila,

Unfortunately, I do not believe that it will. As you can see from the image below (source), the input/output configuration of the Raspberry Pi 5 is mirrored from the 4. This means that the Pi 5 will not fit into the cluster enclosure, with or without a PoE HAT.

Hope this helps - welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


I agree with Ezra’s assessment, but would like to add that UCTRONICS move pretty quickly - here’s hoping they come up with a solution for Pi 5 soon.


I am wondering, although they are mirrored, could it fit both? It doesn’t seem there are specific openings for the ports, but rather a single opening that exposes all the ports.

Would it be possible for someone to try the Pi5 in this enclosure?

Hi @Brett273205,

We actually had one in the office I could test.

You are right as there are no specific cutouts but rather a big opening this can work with the Pi 5.