Concern about content of product reviews in the store

I have a concern about the product reviews in the store - I don’t know where you source the reviews from, but there are lots that are quite evidently all generated by bots, here’s just one example:


Hey @Thomas140016 - when we reach out to our customers for product reviews, we pre-warm the field with a prewritten message.

If customers agree, they can choose to submit the review as-is.
Should they disagree or have nuance they wish to express, they’re free to edit the form before submitting.

If we’ve ever reached out with a request for a review you will see the other side of this user experience.

I hope that helps clear things up!


Hey Thomas!!
You aren’t the only one that has noticed! I emailed them about it too.
This is the least concerning thing about the reviews though. I will no longer be participating in their review system. I cannot say anything with certainty, so I won’t say anything at all about it except that it was enough for me to decide not to review anymore.

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