Connecting 4 wired speakers to a pre amp for spotify

I have 4 outdoor speakers that need wired connections to one unit so I can play all 4 through spotify.

I currently have a music cast pre amp but only has 2 connections. If I connect the other 2 through a different pre amp i’ll only get 2 channels at a time through spotify.

Any solutions you have would be greatly appreciated. Here is a pic of 2 of the 4 speakers.

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Hey Lisa,

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As the first port of call, I would check out this tutorial on getting sound from your project: How to Use Speakers and Amplifiers with Your Project - Tutorial Australia
I had a bit of a look around and it looks like Spotify only streams in stereo (so 2 of the speakers will be playing the same audio).

Do you have any details for the system you currently are using? There are some methods to be able to hook the speakers up to the same amp in parallel or series but will depend on the specs of the speakers and amp,

Hi Liam

I currently have a Yamaha WXC-50 MusicCast Pre-Amplifier and 4 wired speakers.
The speakers are these ones NS-AW592 - Specs - Speakers & Subwoofers - Home Audio - Products - Yamaha - Music - Australia

Can I connect 2 speakers to the same channel for spotify? Its a big outdoor area and only having 2 speakers working is a bit strange. They must have all been connected to an amp prior?

Thank you!

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Hey Lisa,

Awesome, cheers for sending that through!

Yeah you can run a couple of speakers from the same channel (Spotify will give you the left and right channels).

Spot on, you system will end up looking something like this: Preamp > Amp > Speakers

Core stock an amp kit that requires soldering but should work as albeit not pushing the speakers to the max volume.
I’d recommend checking out a retailer that stocks amp’s, if you were to hook them up in parallel you would be after a 3 ohm 100W per channel amplifier. For series it would be around 12 ohm 100W.
I’d keep the amp as the limiting factor here as the speakers are quite beefy.


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