Continuous rotation servos & gearboxes

Hi there, I hope this is the right place to ask.

I’m wondering which continuous rotation servos you stock have metal
gears, and if they are all compatible with the Channel Mount Gearbox Kit

  • Continuous Rotation (7:1 Ratio) , ie. number of teeth… 24 or 25.


Hi Michael,

Any standard sized servo’s will work with those kits. I can’t find a full-metal gear continuous servo, however, I did notice this one.

It’s also a recommended product for the Channel Mount Gearbox Kits (360º Rotation).

Thanks Graham,

I’ve been using the gearbox with one of these
and these

That servo doesn’t have complete metal gears either, just at the shaft I guess, and it seems fine.

Is there a servo you have that would be comparable? Do the Parallax motors have metal teeth on their shafts? I see the DFRobot ones do.

I’ve used the Spring ones too, and I’d like something more robust…

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Would these:

work OK with your Pololu micro maestro controllers

and mount in these?: (sorry couldn’t find this on your site)

Any help massively appreciated!!

Hi Michael,

If it’s not clear in the description, it would be best to check the datasheet. We always include the servo manufacturer where possible along with their product number. The SM-S4303R is the only hybrid version I’ve stumbled onto from our usual go-to’s

Thanks for your help

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