Control neopixel rgb strip while using an LCD screen

Hi everyone,
I just implemented the neopixel light strip tutorial on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and I am writing a python GUI to allow a user to change the the light animation from a 5-inch touch screen.

The problem is the 5 inch screen occupies the 3V GPIO pins of the Raspberry pi. which are needed to plug in to the breadboard with the logic level converted.

is there another way I can provide the needed 3V power from the pi to the breadboard? or is there some kind of splitter I can use to connect both the screen and the jumper cables to the GPIO pins?


There’s more than one 3.3v pin on the Pis gpio. Checkout

You could also use a gpio replicator/duplicator/triplicate hat.

Have used this successfully on one project. Solders between the header plug and socket, it is 0.8mm thick. Bit tricky to get it right, but it worked for me. Depending on your design it might not work physically.

Alternatively you could use the triple output mentioned by Oliver, but it is quite larger and may not suit your design.