Controlling stepper with Adafruit V2 shield + accelstepper

How should the code be inside the loop function in Arduino IDE to have multiple movements in a particular order (ex forwards, forwards, backwards, forwards etc …) with this and having different number of steps for each movement.

I am using Adafruit_Motor_Shield_V2_Library/examples/Accel_MultiStepper/Accel_MultiStepper.ino from Github as the starting point.

Hey Rnjo
Welcome to the forum! In order for us to really get a grip of what’s going on with your project, we’re going to need some additional information (debugging by proxy can be tough). Could you please post:

  • A brief description of the exact issue you’re having (include links to the parts, or at the least their names)
  • Any relevant code that is running in your project
  • A clear top down view of the circuit/project. To avoid needing multiple pictures, we’ve found the best way forward is to prepare your images using one of the three following tools:
  1. Fritzing – A easy to use, Open Source tool (Free Download required - )
  2. TinkerCad Circuits – Another free & easy to use tool, but this one is browser based and requires a login ( )
  3. Draw a simple block diagram of what your circuit should do, alongside a picture of a top down shot of your circuits (Pen, Paper and Camera Required)

Once we can see all this info, we will be able to move forward on some guidance and troubleshooting