DC/DC Converter Breakout (BOB-09370)

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This is a breakout board for our non-isolated, 6A DC-to-DC Converter Module. The module can convert any DC voltage between 4.5-14VDC to a selectable voltage between 0.59 and 5.5VDC.

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hi There,

wondering if you carry a dc-dc buck converter with a 90V input capacity. Wanting to use my ebike battery to power a 12v fridge occaisonally when camping. (Ebike battery 90v) Thanks, Chris

Hey Chris,

Welcome to the forum!!

90V is A LOT! I had a quick look around the site and the largest I could find was 40V. What’s the required current of the fridge? If you have some drill batteries they might work better, the closer the two voltages are generally the more efficient.

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90V!!! Almost EHT in the digital world although some displays get up there a bit.
Cheers Bob


Hi Chris
Search “dc buck converter 90V” and you will find a few. Depends on what sort of current your fridge draws. Bangood have one which is good for 10A or 120W.

Haven’t looked at the details but don’t forget the battery has to supply the fridge power (Watts) plus a bit for converter efficiency which is usually about 85% but whichever device you look at should publish this.
Cheers Bob

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