Differential water pressure monitor. Help needed

Hi there,

I’d like to make something that measures pressure either side of a water filter.
I want to hook up two pressure transducers to an Arduino (this one?)

to one of these:

(I have a gateway up and running)

I need help choosing which pressure transducer type to use.
I’m pretty sure I’ll use one of these:
I’m just wondering which output signal to use? Best? Easiest to work with?
I2C (3FFF (10~90% or 0X666~0X399A))?
or low voltage (0.25~1.25VDC, 0.25~2.25VDC 0.5~2.5VDC, 10~90% Vcc)?
And what supply voltage would be best?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


ps Core-Electronics Peeps, keep up the great work with vids and tuts!

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Hi Tux,

The easiest would be the 0.25~1.25VDC analog voltage. Most accurate would probably be I2C but its a bit more complex to read. I can’t really speak to either of those products, but they look like they will work!

Thanks for taking the time to reply Stephen.
I’ll give analog a go.
And post updates.


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