Digital Sculpting the world around you with 3D Printing

We’ve heard some people claim that whilst 3D printers are great, you inevitably just end up printing STLs from thingiverse to suit your needs. There was even an article written by claiming that 3D printing is dying. Well, I like to think if you think thats true, you might just be lacking some creative spark.

Greg Petchkovsky decided he would combine 3D scanning, photography and 3D printing to create these awesome modifications to the world around him.   

He starts with multiple pictures of the object he wants to model, then creates a high quality 3D model of the object with the relevant software. 123D Catch is great, easy to use application you can use to turn photos into 3D models. Then he simply subtracts the section of what he wants to modify from the model he is adding to it.

Check out the video where you can see how easy he makes it look. You might get inspired to try something similar and spruce up your environment. 

It’s truly awesome to see people being able to bring these awesome effects to the world us using this exciting new technology.

Wanting to get started in the wide world of 3D printing? Take a look around our tutorials to get started. 

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