Electron with particle relay issue

hi guys

I have a particle electron running 3g al seams to be working ok and does for about 3 months then stops,
it is connected to a particle relay board with 4 relays - only using one,
so the issue I have is it being remote it take a while before I can look at the problem and this is the second time its happened,
relay board remains to have power little light is on, but the chip itself is off, it gets power from the relay board/battery, buttons don’t work but if I remove the electron from the board and disconnect battery then plug it in again it comes alive again and connects with the network all is good again,
then after a few months it turns off again
does anyone have an idea what might cause this?
any help would be fantastic

thanks karl

Are you saying the relay stops working or the electron locks up?

The relay still has power blue light is on, the electron is dead no lights on, and all i do is unplug battery from electron and remove from relay board and plug it in and electron starts working again

Thanks karl

If you disconnect/recconnect only the relay OR the battery will the electron power up?

disconnecting battery didn’t do anything, not sure about the relay board, didn’t try that when it happened