Electronic parts for Mini RC Bobcat on Thingiverse

No. The charger you have defaults to 100mA. The larger battery will just take longer to charge. Take longer to go flat also. You can increase the charge to 500mA. Instructions on this on web site, a solder bridge required.

No. That is for a 5V charging supply when USB is not convenient, See below re connections

Connections. Pretty much the same.
USB for charging
JST connector for battery
Solder connections “Batt” and “Gnd” for load (receiver). These 2 connections (JST/Batt & Gnd) are connected together on the board so can be the other way around if more convenient.
The solder “5V” and “Gnd” are for a 5V charging supply and are connected on board to USB connector so if you wanted the charging connector somewhere else you can do so.
Remarks re battery switch still the same.
Cheers Bob

Thanks again for all your help. Now all I have to do is find a small switch that will suit!

Had forgotten about your switch. The voltage is low and current should be only a few mA so specs should not be a worry. Just about any small switch that will fit will do but be wary if a switch seems mechanically sloppy, weak or anyway unsound as it will probably fall apart.
There are some nice little red one around, used to be known as C&K switches. I don’t know if Core stock these but Jaycar do. Some in sub-miniature and miniature sizes and you only have to be simple. Single pole single throw (on/off) will do but you will probably get double throw. No matter just use one side. The smallest that would do you would be Jaycar ST0300 or similar. Specs are good.
Servos. I think the only continuous rotation servos you would use are the ones on the wheels. The others like the front bucket and lifter would be normal operation.
Cheers Bob