Followed forum tomics email notofication

Hello Administrators,

Sorry if there already exists a setting for this, but is there anyway of selecting to receive a notification email of a new post for topics I am following?


Hi Lloyd,

I expect my experience of the Forum is the same as yours. At the top right of my browser, below “CONTACT US” is my avatar. If you haven’t attached an image to it it will just be your initials in a coloured circle. If you click that a menu opens up below it. Top-right of that menu is a grey “gear” - click that to go to your settings.

Now you should (confusingly) see “Notifications” in both the horizontal and vertical menus. Notification in the horizontal menu takes you to a list of notifications you’ve received. Notifications in the vertical menu on the left gives you settings for your notifications.

I have not adjusted my Notification settings and I get relevant notifications by email already. Hope that helps!

  • Chris