Gaming Kit for RetroPie

Sam just shared a new tutorial: "Gaming Kit for RetroPie"

Video gaming has evolved tremendously over the last decade, console games produce near real-life graphics, and playing with friends across the globe is easier than sending a text message. This is all well and good, but there are those of us that twin…

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No man cave is complete without a retro gaming console! Raspberry Pi 3 brings a lot to the table and can run SNES/NES emulators with plenty of elbow room. Nice write-up @Sam!

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This looks great - would love to build a project like this with my 9year old son.

Although as my teenage years were in the 80s my idea of Retro is more so Space Invaders, Galaga, Frogger, Donkey Kong etc with a Joystick and button controller. Has anyone build a similar console and succesfully loaded some of those older games.

Hi Jason,

RetroPie has lots of options for MAME emulation! The official Github project / community is great, but you may find it easier to work from YouTube’s perspective for guides etc.

Keep us updated with your project!

Hi Graham,

Thanks for the reply and links. I will check them out.

The tutorials and info in your forums and blog are great. It has rekindled my interest in Electronics.