GPS - activated by a tilt sensor

Good Afternoon,

I want to build an electrical circuit that uses a GPS - the gps will be activated by a tilt sensor. The GPS will be powered by a photovoltaic cell or 9v battery.

Would anyone be able to help me with identifying what components I would need and a circuit diagram perhaps?

My electronics knowledge is very limited.

Many Thanks,


Hi James!

This sounds like a fun project! You might want to consider some projects to help familiarize yourself with Arduino and electronics before diving into the deep end. Familiarizing yourself with Arduino with something like the Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit is a great idea.

If you want to dive right in. Check out the Pycom Wipy and Pytrack shield. The Pytrack has a GPS and accelerometer and Micro SD card slot all built in.

Here is a tutorial on setting it up:

Hi Stephen,

The second solution sounds great - I want to get stuck in!

Would I be able to implement a tilt switch with that too?

Many Thanks,



You totally could! You could either use the accelerometer as a tilt switch, or you could add a mechanical tilt switch. Up to you!

Perfect. And would the gps be able to be powered by a solar panel like a small photovoltaic cell for example? Or a 9v battery?

Hi James,

You could power it with a small solar panel. You would need a Lipo battery to power it. These devices require 3.3v to operate.

Stephen, Thank you for all your help. I’m really keen to purchase these components - would we be able to discuss over the phone. What is the best number to contact you on?

Hi James,

Its best to reach me either through the forum, or via email at

Best of luck with your project!