GPS display for sailing

I finally got my sailing speed display on the water. The sharp memory display is beautifully clear:


That’s a beautiful job.


very nice ! THe magnetic switches are a great idea.
I’ve had the intention for ages (but not the time) to build something similar, but incorporating an anemometer and displaying absolute speed plus “upwind speed” as instant feedback on trim adjustments.
I’m interested to hear how readable the LCD is in bright sunlight, my default is an e-ink display for outdoor use.
Also interested in how the case performs, in my work life I’ve found IP65 much less reliable than IP67 and IP69K in washdown environments (not much seems to be IP66 in my world).

Thanks. I built this for my Waszp, where the class rules allows gps but not electronic wind instruments. So I guess that made the project easier. I’ve got lots of software upgrades planned, but speed is the primary feature.

I’ts been hard to find good foiling days recently in Sydney. So I’ve only had the device on the water once. But the display was very readable - it’s purely reflective, so more light makes it clearer. The main drawback is that they are a bit expensive.

I’m also interested (and a bit worried!) about how the case performs. It’s IP66, and so far so good. I haven’t had much luck finding waterproof transparent enclosures.