Graphic OLED Displays with Particle

Sam just shared a new tutorial: “Graphic OLED Displays with Particle”

Note that the digital artifacts on the screen are from the camera used to capture and not the screen itself

How many great artworks or photos have you seen that consist of just lines of characters; words and numbers? Very few. It’s true th…

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Hi, could you help me do use the same display oled with ESP32 v2?

Hey Gustavo,
We can give it a go. Which OLED and ESP32 Board are you planning on using?

Like that one


I tried it with a Particle Electron. And did exactly the same cabling but unfortunately the Display is staying dark. From the Cables the DC is B5 and the Rst is B4, everything else is the same (Data - A3, Clk - A1, CS - A0, Vin - VBAT, Gnd - D6). Can you imagine why it does not work?

Hi Moritz,

I believe there is a mistake in the wiring diagram. Try connecting DC-A1, CS-A2, Reset-A0, Data-A5, Clk A-3.
I’ve updated the Tutorial to include the corrected wiring diagram.

Let me know what you find!

Perfect, now it works as it should, thank you very much :slight_smile:!

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