Gravity CO2 Sensor V1.0 Flashing Lights


We’ve acquired a few of these units to trial them and essentially they work well. We are supply a 5V DC supply and read the output as a 0.2-4V voltage output. As far as we can tell, it works fine. Except that after about 8 or so hours, the 4 little orange lights begin a slow flash. We are confused by this because the Blogs we’ve found discussing this suggest the device is in trouble from a low supply voltage. Does anyone have advice on what we are seeing here and why?

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Hi Geoffrey,

I have not heard of this problem before, does the lights flashing affect the output of the sensor at all?
Are you using a battery to power the device or a wall plug?

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Thanks for responding.

It is consistent across 4 units I have acquired. We are using a 5V stepdown transformer so supply is constant, offering way more current than the device draws. I set the voltage at exactly 5V.