Gravity: MOSFET Power Controller (DFR0457)

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In most Arduino projects, relays are the first choice to drive some large current device. It requires a certain amount of current to drive the internal coil to pick-up…

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Will this MOSFET trigger at the ESP8266 PWM voltage levels? I’ve just transitioned from Arduino to ESP and all my existing MOS modules needed 5V to trigger.

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Hi Dean,

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Yeah this module should work fine, the RPi has the same 3.3V logic level so look for that in terms of logic levels.
And it looks like there is a gate driving circuit onboard (haven’t had a look at the schematic so might be something else)

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Hi all

Just looked at the circuit. Yes that item marked is an opto coupler to drive the gate.
This is a P channel “High Side” switch, not an N channel “low side” switch which is more “normal” when used as a motor or relay driver.
Although the “Vin” and “Vout” instead of Drain and Ground provide a clue to this It might be a good idea to mention it in the description I think.
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Bob - the product description is pretty light on for details. Just to confirm though, P MOSFET are when you switch the live line and N is when you switch the ground? I haven’t had to think about these things since the late 90’s and I wasn’t very good at it then either.

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Hi Dean
Basically yes. “High side” switch is switching the live line to the load and “Low side” switch switches the ground or low side of the load to ground.
Cheers Bob

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