Gravity: UART MP3 not recogized on pc

Purchased a Gravity: UART MP3 for a robot dog.
Works ok but am having trouble connecting to PC to download new mp3 files.
Did work to download once but can’t repeat it.


Hey John,

I take it you’re talking about this one?:

As far as I can tell, it should be plug and play. Have you double checked you’re using a data USB cable not a charge/power only USB cable?

Also, someone posted this PDF in the comments on DFRobot’s product page for a.similar module based o the same JQ8400 chip. Looks to be a much better english translation:

Edit: Did some more investigation. It’s originally from here:

And here’s the original Chinese datasheet:

Looks like a guy in NZ has spent a fair bit of time investigating this chip:


Hey Oliver

Yes right player.

Thanks for the clue on the cable tried a number of cables and
quite a few are power only, found a good one and now works ok.

I have seen this before and forgot all about it.

Cheers John