Grove simple RF link

hi guys
i want to know if the Grove 433Mhz simple RF link Kit (seeed studio) will work for a door lock system

what i have is a ute with central locking & i have an aluminium canopy on the tray i want to have the locks on the canopy actuated when the remote is pressed

i was thinking have a rf transmitter switched by the locks in the car then the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver in the canopy that can switch a relay to actuate the locks on the canopy

so it would need to have 2 switches on the transmitter as such

the idea is not to run more wires from car to canopy (there is 12v power in the canopy)

It is possible but you’d need to tap into the power for the door locks to activate it, program a couple of Arduino’s to send the commands and receive the commands a the other end and if you wanted it all secure you’d need to incorporate some security mechanisms to prevent somebody just repeating the transmission to unlock your canopy.

There’s lots of instructions how to hack these systems on the internet. It’s a low likelihood but you’d just need some kid playing around or have a nearby transmitter on the same frequency that causes it to open because part of the transmission matched what was expected.