Hand Held Distance Measuring Device

Hi Makers and developers,

I am looking for assistance to develop a hand held digital measuring device for scanning interior of bathrooms with 1mm accuracy.

Ideally, looking to create a basic 3D model point cloud without investing in expensive $ 4,000 plus Lidar lasers.

Could the below tf01 be calibrated to work in this environment with this degree of accuracy ?

My background is construction, so appreciate any assistance as to what products / people are suitable to develop this application.


Damien Digney


0428 486 278

Hi Damien,

This particular LIDAR is accurate down to about 1cm. You will have a hard time finding a Maker market LIDAR that is more accurate. I think even the best indoor mapping systems are getting about a 1-4cm accuracy.

There are some great solutions out there for this project that don’t involve a LIDAR and aren’t going to be as accurate as you are looking for, but they are still really cool.