Help keep My fish alive Solar Dam pump set up

Hi Everyone I am a newbie to this apologize if I am poor on terminology

I have a solar panel 230 watts 7.48 amps 37.o8 volts I think

I have a DC brushless water pump 38watts 24 volts ( pump direct feed from solar panel no battery)

when I connect during daylight pump runs extremely well :blush:

A problem in the morning the pump won’t come on from my research its called ( Stuck :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) as sun comes up the voltage rises but so slowly the voltage is not enough to initiate the pump and so gets stuck.
I have looked at zener diode but I am told my voltage to high looked at a photocell to turn on but I am told voltage to high I have found info on what’s called a( linear voltage booster ) not sure where to get or how to make one
Any help would be soooooo appreciated
Gill :pray:

Hi Gil,

I think that a really simple way to solve this problem would be to get a 12V relay and install it between the solar panel and the motor. Its likely that the motor is stalling at low voltages while the sun comes up. The relay can be triggered by power off the solar panel, and that same power off the solar panel can be switched by the relay before going to the motor. This way the relay will not close until the solar panel is outputting 12V (probably enough to turn the motor), and the motor won’t start until there is enough power coming from the solar panel.

If you find that you need it to trigger when the panel reaches a higher voltage. If thats the case then you could make a simple voltage divider between the solar panel and the relay.

Here is a relay that MAY work, the motor may draw more amperage than this is rated for though: