Help Wanted $ on offer for working Electron/JSN-SRO4T sketch


I have run out of patience and wish to finish my project. It is an Electron coupled with a JSN-SRO4T sensor. I have had everything working perfectly with the HC-SRO4 sensor ( the non water proof model)…I have not had any luck finding code to make the new sensor work.

It is my intent to have the unit send text through an API at set levels.

If anyone is interested in making some cash, I am happy to pay for the service.


Hi Charlie,

Thanks for dropping by. I don’t think you’ll get much of a response here in the forum for that type of service-seeking; although perhaps you’d have better luck dropping into a Makerspace / Hackspace nearby (if possible).

No worries,
I thought it was worth a try.

Thanks anyway.

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