Hobby Motor with Encoder - Metal Gear (DG01D-E) (ROB-16413)

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The DG01D-E is a single hobby motor with a hall speed encoder. This motor requires a voltage between 3-9V, has a gearbox ratio of 1:48 and a speed of 90RPM at 4.5V. … read more

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I purchased a pair of the Hobby Motor with Encoder - Metal Gear (DG01D-E). The pinout is described in datasheet on Core’s product page but there is no index or reference to the pin or the color coded cable. I could make a guess with the color code but would like to get correct information for sure.

Hi Kittikoon,

We get these in from Sparkfun. We’ll need to update our product page! Here is the Pinout:

The cable color seems conflict with the pinout. Brown goes to Encode-Pin -, red goes to Encoder-Pin(B). Can you provide a link to this page on Sparkfun.

ในวันที่ อ. 12 ม.ค. 2021 เวลา 17:25 Oliver via Core Electronics Forum <core_electronics@discoursemail.com> เขียนว่า:

Hi Kittikoon,

Here’s the link to Sparkfun’s product page:

The cable came with my purchased motors are fault, they were assembled in reverse order. I connected them following the information on Sparkfun product page and may damage the hall sensor. You’d better check if other motors have same faulty cable.

Thanks for letting us know,

There aren’t any in stock at the moment I can check, but I haven’t heard of this issue before with these motors, so it may have been a defect in this case be sure to email us by replying to your order confirmation email if ordered from us. Also, please note that with Jumpers, it’s good practice to associate colour with various voltages (black - GND, red - VCC, etc) however, sometimes manufacturers from different places tend not to follow the same standards so it’s always best to check before applying power. Please let us know if there’s anything that we can help you with. Have a great day!

Please compare the cable I received with the one documented which I found later after connecting to circuit. Earlier I found only the color coded on Sparkfun page which I based on it to connect the motor.

this came with my order

following are the correct ones

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Ah okay,

Glad to hear that it’s now rigged up correctly. Can you please send me a link to where you found that pinout? I’ll double-check the local stock when it comes in and fix up our site. Thanks!

The information about this motor is at the bottom of the page.


I got snagged by the same problem. The connectors supplied in the set were routed the opposite way.

I hooked it up incorrectly and after reading these comments swapped everything around to match and the encoder/motor now works fine.

I was only putting 5v through the motor power so YMMV if you accidentally power this the wrong way with higher motor driver voltages.

Thank you @Kittikoon122341 you saved me hours of debug headache!


I’m really confused. Kittikoon’s image above is exactly the same as the sparkfun image :thinking:
What’s backwards about it?

Vs. Hobby Motor with Encoder - Metal Gear (DG01D-E) - ROB-16413 - SparkFun Electronics

The picture below is the correct wiring. You can see how it is different from the one I had.

That’s opposite to the one you have?

It’s opposite to the one I have.

But if that’s opposite to what you have, how can it be correct? I’m lost.

Compare the color of the top most wire of the photo below and you will see the difference.

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? I’m so confused. The photo you have found which you are saying is the “correct wiring” and matches what you received, is clearly the opposite to what you received, while the photos on the Core Electronics and Sparkfun sites match exactly what you received.

Your photos say the information on the Sparkfun and Core Electronics sites are correct, but you keep saying its not.

I can confirm that the pin functions are correct but the color order is the reverse to the motors I recently purchased from Core.

Be aware that if you connect things in the wrong order you will damage the encoder.


Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for posting those pictures! Hmmm, it seems like we might have to investigate our stock/product page some more, I’ve marked this on our To-Do list!


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