How to connect Pololu 5V, 1A Step-Down Voltage Regulator D24V10F5

I have recently purchase a Pololu 5V, 1A Step-Down Voltage Regulator D24V10F5
What I’m doing is running a solar panel to charge a 12 volt car battery, the power then run through an automotive fuel block and into the voltage reducer to give me 5v 1 amp to run my wi fi security cameras so they are stand alone for power. All the battery, fuse block etc are in cased in an old metre box for security and to be weatherproof. I will eventually run my modem etc from the battery so even if we get a power outage which happens out here in the bush or someone turns the mains power off to steal from here, I will still have Wi Fi and the security cameras will continue to record and send the images and audio to cloud.

If you can assist me with which wire goes where and or if I need to purchase anything else to assist me it will be great.

Hi @Craig253771 - welcome to the forums!
Sounds like a great project and this device may get you over the line. It would be a good idea to check that the 1A is sufficient to run the connected load.

Pololu make some great gear, and have done a good job documenting the purpose of each connection of the DC-DC converter. You can read their full description here.

In short:


The buck regulator has five connections: power good (PG). shutdown (SHDN), input voltage (VIN), ground (GND), and output voltage (VOUT).

The “power good” indicator, PG, you can probably ignore

The SHDN pin you can probably ignore

The input voltage, VIN, powers the regulator. Supply this pin with your 12V source

The output voltage, VOUT, is the 5V output that will power your connected devices.

GND is the common ground pin.

Hi Michael,
The cameras run off 5 v 1.5 amp maximum, I am hoping that the 1 amp will be sufficient to run them.
Thank you for the information and the diagram, I’m a fitter machinist by trade (BHP Port Kembla for 14 years) and then in ‘88 joined the NSWPF where I served 20 years before chronic PTSD put an end to my working life. I’ll let you know how it goes.


If this gives you trouble there are plenty of other switchmode modules from Pololu that will have a very similar (or exactly the same) wiring diagram.

Best of luck with your project - I look forward to your updates :slight_smile:

HI Craig.
Sorry but I just don’t get it.
If you know your cameras could need up to 1.5A why are you even considering a 1A supply. I personally go for a fudge factor of 50% or 100% to be able to almost forget future power problems.
But that is only me. Decision is yours to make. But ???
Cheers and good luck Bob

Hi Robert,
I couldn’t see a 5v 1.5 amp reducer on there site, maybe I was having a man look :rofl::man_facepalming:
I presumed that being under the 1.5A would give me some type of safety area.
I’ve never delved into this area before, the most I do is wire up things on my 4x4 etc.
What would you suggest a safe amperage would be ?


Hi Craig
You are thinking the wrong way. The power supply is CAPABLE of supplying X Amps. That doesn’t mean it is going to supply that and overdrive the load. The load will only use what it wants. Anything over that is there to use by more things. When you say the cameras could use up to 1.5A you should be thinking ABOVE that, not BELOW. If you select 1A and the load requires say 1.3A the supply may not tolerate that and at best the voltage will reduce, perhaps to a point where nothing works. A worst case would be complete shut down of the supply.
That is why I always allow 50% or 100% extra to avoid supply problems. In your case I would go for 2A at minimum or prefer 3A or even 5A. Saves worries down stream.
Cheers Bob