How to copy "SIK Guide Code" into "Examples" Library in Arduino Folder

The Spark Fun Inventors Kit booklet instructs us to download “SIK GUIDE CODE” and copy the unzipped files from downloads to the Arduino Applications “Examples” folder.
When trying to select “Examples” it is not available where it should be located and therefore cannot be selected and therefore I cannot copy the downloaded file to this location. Can anyone help me?


I can’t see that there is such a thing as ‘Arduino Applications’ examples. You can simply create an examples folder at whatever location you keep those sketches.

For sketches to be listed under the File/Examples menu option they need to be included in the ‘examples’ folder within a library in the ‘libraries’ folder. The sub-menu item will be created with the library name. So if these examples are associated with a particular library you can copy them to an ‘examples’ folder within that library folder. The difference is that sketches in the examples folder of a library cannot be saved back to that folder.


As a long time mac ios user and a brand new windows 10 user I can only follow specific instructions in this case the "SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Guide book. It provides the following instruction: Copy or move the unzipped “SIK Guide Code” files from “Downloads” to the Arduino application’s “Examples” folder.
I have successfully unzipped the downloaded files and copied them to the following location: “Path: BOOTCAMP (C:)\Program Files\Arduino IDE\resources\app\node-modules\arduino-ide-extension\Examples” However the SparkFun booklet later gives the instruction that while in the Arduino IDE program: “Open the Sketch: File>Examples>SIK-Guide-Code-master>CIRCUIT-1B-POTENTIOMETER” I find that this file is not there in the “Example” folder to be opened and so I have a “show stopper” brick wall.
Could this problem be fixed by editing a “windows” security setting?

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I would take this to be a folder named ‘Examples’ in the same folder as the sketch has been stored. An examples folder is not created by default for a sketch, but there is no reason you can’t create one for yourself.

But I don’t think that’s what they mean. To be able to access the examples at File>Examples>SIK-Guide-Code-master>CIRCUIT-1B-POTENTIOMETER you need a subfolder ‘SIK-Guide-Code-master’ in the libraries folder. The sketch will be in a subfolder ‘CIRCUIT-1B-POTENTIOMETER’ within that folder. ‘SIK-Guide-Code-master’ won’t exist by default - it should have been created in a previous step in the installation of the supporting software. That folder is the library folder I referred to above. So you need to confirm that some previous step in the instructions has created that folder and installed a bunch of supporting files into it. Then you need to find the ‘examples’ subfolder within that library folder, and copy the examples into it. Restart the IDE and the examples will be listed under the Examples option of the File menu.

The libraries folder is in the ‘Arduino’ subfolder of your ‘My Documents’ folder.

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Hi Jeff and John,

Very sorry about not getting back to you John, Thanks a bunch Jeff for the super clear explanation, this will definitely help out other Makers in the future!