How to create a drowning detection system using raspberry pi

I’m seeking assistance for my graduation project. I’m developing a drowning detection system that utilizes a Raspberry Pi, a high-quality camera, and a sound buzzer. The system is designed to identify drowning incidents, activate an alarm, and send SMS notifications to a specified number or email. I’m in need of urgent help.

You have to use the Nico31415 Drowning-Detector library. It can detect if a person is drowning.

For SMS you can use SIM800L:

And you’ll need to integrate an e-mail alert system like this:

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I recently came across your suggestions on integrating the Nico31415 Drowning-Detector library, SIM800L, and the email alert system using Raspberry Pi. It’s my first time working with a Raspberry Pi, and I could use some guidance on the implementation process.

If you’re available, could I have your email so that I can reach out with specific questions as I proceed? Your expertise would be immensely helpful in navigating through this project.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Hi @Hamdan263065 - this is a pretty ambitious first project! At this end of the project complexity scale there’s probably not much guided help that can be offered as a one-size-fits-all solution. Still, we’re here to help with hurdles as they come up. Just keep us up to date on the steps you’ve taken and any troubleshooting steps you take along the way.

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