HX710 library

Looking for an Arduino library for HX710, as installed on Makerverse Load Cell Kit.

Hi JC,

Looks like an official library is available, so nice and simple to add :slight_smile:

Thanks very much! Don’t know how I missed it. (Yes I do - galloping senility!)

JC Smith

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How did you go cos for me its not working (probably my soldering or wiring) but given the errors in the examples not sure

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Had to use HX711. Annoying.

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Since you have switched to HX7111, you can make a PCB like this. Digital Scale PCB - Share Project - PCBWay
This is a Digital Scale PCB. It’s quite easy and compact.

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Hey Linden, Welcome to the forums!

If you are having trouble with something specifically feel free to tell us more and we can try and help you out with the troubleshooting!