IR Controlled Lights with MakeCode: Adafruit Circuit Playground Express

Stephen just shared a new tutorial: "IR Controlled Lights with MakeCode: Adafruit Circuit Playground Express"

The latest Circuit Playground board, the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express comes equipped with an onboard IR transmitter and receiver! This can be used to communicate with TVs and other household devices. You can also use infrared remote controls t…

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This tutorial has been updated to be compatible with CircuitPython version 3.x

typo on:


press button on IR remote now is wrong.

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Hey Dave,

Good catch, I’ll make a note to get this fixed when we can!


It’s 2023.
I cannot seem to make this code work. It will recognize two pulse arrays, but then the infinite loop doesn’t work. It will freeze up and stop detecting pulses altogether. Do you have a solution for this? I’m using adafruit-circuitpython-circuitplayground_express-en_US-8.2.6.uf2

Hi @asp263072 - welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Are you using code that is different to the project? Can you share your code so we can take a closer look?