Is Xbee 3 (Star / PTMP) to Internet a viable solution?

I have multiple water tanks and bee hives at various locations around the property, no more than 300m from the house and main internet system. I want to be able to monitor the data from these sites and eventually post to a web server. The data is minimal, so a slow link and very low power drain are requirements at the remote sites. Sensors like Ultrasonics, temp and humidity will be tacked onto the remote hardware once I have the links sorted!
So for the links (Star / PTMP), I am thinking of using a “XBee 3 Module - U.FL Antenna” with a “XBoard V2 - A Bridge Between Home and Internet (Arduino Compatible)” connected to my LAN. At each of the remote sites a “DFRobot Leonardo With Xbee Socket” and a “XBee 3 Module - U.FL Antenna.” Do you think this is achievable or should I be using LoRa for the links?

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You should be able to go with either. Although, I’d double check that you’ve got line of sight between all the appropriate virtual connections depending on your network structure before choosing a system listed to meet the required range. You’ll want to take a look at this tutorial from Brad that I’ve linked below for you. Should give you some more ideas on what’s possible and most suitable for your project (of course you’ll get different data from the beehives than this project, but the functionality should be nearly the same).

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Hi BryceT,

Thanks for the information, I will check it out and get my project underway!


Sounds good!

Make sure to let us know how you go. And if you’d like to submit a write-up for a store credit reward if it gets added to the site be sure to check out the link below. Have a great day!