Laser Cutting Workshop 3/4/19

Wednesday we hosted our Laser Cutting Workshop and what a fun night we had! We learned the basics of laser cutters and how to create files that we can cut with a laser. We learned how to use Inkscape to create vector drawings that a laser cutter can work with, and we also learned how to convert images from graphics to vectors. We quickly moved from making keychains on to making custom creations!

Whether you are interested in learning more about this very cool manufacturing method, or just want to make the coaster for your mug, you can check out our Laser Cutting Online Tutorials! If you want to learn about additive manufacturing, check out our 3D Printing Tutorials. Everything we cover in our workshops is available online, so if you want a refresher or if you are just too far away to make it in person you can always browse our Online Tutorials and Workshops.

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