LattePanda 7" Touch screen inaccuracy

I purchased a LattePanda a couple of weeks ago.
I have since ordered the genuine LattePanda 7" IPS Display P/No FIT 0477 and the LattePanda Touch Screen Overlay P/No. FIT 0478 also.
I installed every thing and it all worked straight out of the box, the screen anyway.
Is there a calibration sequence process to carry out to make the touch screen align correctly to the mouse cursor.
What i mean is i have desktop icons and if i touch and tap on the icon, the application does not open.
There is a mark that comes up on the screen that is approximately 10 mm away from the icon i touch on.
If i use my wireless key pad the mouse works spot on.
Put the mouse arrow on the icon and double click or right click open and the application opens and runs as per normal.
The overlay screen is aligned perfectly to the IPS DISPLAY.
Has anyone come across this issue.
Any feed back would be great.

Hey Dave, I see on the DF Robot site there’s a link to Version 1.0 and Version 1.1 drivers. I’m wondering if you’re using one of these and, if not, can you try the latest driver to see if it resolves the issue?

I hope that helps. Chris.

Hi Chris,
sorry for my delayed reply, i have been unwell.
I have downloaded the ver 1.1 RAR file and will see what drivers the Panda is running.
Thanks for your reply.

Hi Chris,
I downloaded the ver 1.1 drivers WIN RAR FILE went to device manager , went to other devices.
Selected 32 bit Goodix Touch.
Tried to update driver to ver 1.1 as driver details were unknown and also stated no drivers required.
Selected update drivers manual selection from computer, selected the driver and load it.
Reboot laptop does the exact same thing.
Tried to download the readme text but for some reason it wouldn’t download.