Led strings/strips

I am brand new to raspberry pi and coding. Have been watching the videos from code electric which are helpful. However, I am having trouble getting the code that will run led strings and I need help.

Hi Clifford,

What were the strips that you were trying to run? do you have anything set up yet?

Ws2811 and bullet addressable rob leds and square ones also.

Making some of the effects shown on Matt Johnson’s 3 part series on YouTube regarding his Christmas light show

Nothing set up yet. Still trying to learn.

Hey Clifford,

I’ll just start with saying that the Raspberry Pi alone isn’t quite as good at controlling Addressable RGB strips as it doesn’t have real-time control over it’s I/O pins like something like a Teensy. However, there is a solution to this! The Adafruit CircuitPython NeoPixel library solves the real-time control problem by using the PWM and DMA hardware on the Raspberry Pi’s processor. You may have already gotten to this stage, but if not I’d definitely recommend this as a starting point. From there, I’d say the next thing to would be to look into a Logic Level Shifter and how they work.

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Thank you very much