LiDAR sensor recommendation

Hello everyone,

I am looking for an inexpensive LiDAR sensor that I can use with a Raspberry Pi computer, that specifically outputs the angle and distance measured. Most sensors I have found seem to only output data to a proprietary file format, that can only be opened to produce an image/display showing a floor-plan-style view of the data. I don’t need that floor plan view; I just need the angle and the distance measured.

Can you please recommend any specific sensor that provides this output?

The range needed is low; anything with 3-4 metres range is fine.

Thank you in advance for your recommendations.

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Have you checked this out?

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Hi Dave,

If you wanna go looooow-tech a servo and distance sensor would be the way to go:

I havent got experience using this particular LiDAR but the docs seem to indicate that the angle and distance are accessable: 360° Omni-directional Triangulation Lidar Dev Kit (8m range) | Waveshare WS-24659 | Core Electronics Australia