Makey Makey - Deluxe Kit (WIG-11519)

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This Makey Makey kit contains everything you need to turn the world around you into your own electronics project!

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We LOVE this kit. I have used this with kids aged 6-12 and we’ve done a lot already in the two weeks we’ve had it:

  • We made a cat-operated talking feeding bowl
  • We made a butterfly enclosure that makes sounds
  • We made a piano out of foil pie tins
  • The kids rigged the door of the computer lab to yell “WELCOME TO CODE CLUB” on entry. (Which came as a surprise to many.)

This kit is versatile and has helped us have learning experiences around:

  • basic circuits and discussing the passing of electrons in electricity
  • conductive vs insulative materials
  • reactive programming
  • general fun!

The children are now making requests for materials to conduct their own projects. The learning possibilities here are endless.

One thing I particularly like is the way we can use the Makey Makey to develop projects that would be coded “feminine”, e.g. it doesn’t all have to be about robots. Our girls love the idea of building butterflies that trigger sound effects, or building a garden of flowers that talk to you when you touch them.

This little piece of kit has really helped empower our creative girls to see themselves as creative with code and electronics.


Just awesome Steph. So nice to hear how much fun you’re having with Makey Makey (while learning a few things along the way)!

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That’s so good to hear! Definitely the heart of what the Makey Makey is all about; empowering people with electronics. If you end up creating some fantastic projects with it, we’d love to see a write-up of it on our projects page.

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Yes @Steph40917! Programming and electronics is more and more becoming a staple skill for art and design projects. It’s so good to hear about these experiences. Thanks for sharing :smiley: