Micro:Bit - 020 Error code

Hi all,

Recently got a Micro:Bit V2 .

Run a few tutorial with my daughter, she loves the thing. So, decided to get 4tronix Robo:Bit Mk3 to play around with it.

Assembled as per instructions, no worries with it.

Run some of the basic programs, move forward, move backwards, etc. No worries gain.
Than we tried the ‘follow me program’. Followed instructions to the letter, as per https://4tronix.co.uk/blog/?p=1872 Follow Me Program, and the microbit keeps throwing back a 020 error code, that usually means not enough memory.
it is a bit annoying as the whole program is less than10 blocks.

Anyone with a good idea why is this happening?

Hi all,

We had a dive into this, and have confirmed the MakeCode library for the Robobit doesn’t work correctly on the V2, but does work on the v1. We’re getting in touch with 4tronix to see if we can get this fixed!

In the meantime, we’re sending Bence a Microbit v1. We advertised that the Robobit would work with a v2 so this one’s on us!

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