Micro Python script for WS2812B LEDs - Raspberry Pico W


I’m hoping someone will help me write a Micro Python script for animating WS2812B LEDs on my LCARS MAME Arcade game control panel. I’m currently using a script called a RGB LED Ring Light Breathing by Joshua Hrisko just to confirm the LEDS are working. Please see the attached video along with a picture of the control panel graphic and a spreadsheet showing and location and number of LEDs. Please let me know if you can assist me or have any questions and/or suggestions. Thank you!

Installation of WS2812B LEDS Raspberry Pi Pico

LED Positions - Animation

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Hi Kent,

What parts of the script would you like help with?

I’d recommend checking out the documentation on the Neopixel library would be the best way to get started: Quick reference for the RP2 — MicroPython latest documentation

Customising the colours is just a matter of finding the right functions over time!



Thanks Liam, I’ll check it out.

Liam, thank you for the great resource, I understand how to do some basic things in Micro & Circuit Python, but I think what I have envisioned for my control panel is beyond my ability. The attached spreadsheet identifies the number, location and desired effect using the WS2812B LED. Also attached is a link to a Youtube video which may provide more context for what I’m trying to do. Thank you, Kent