Motion Detecting PIR Alarm

Good Afternoon, I am trying to build a motion detecting alarm along the line of the alarm in the you tube video, (attached). I am new to this and am seeking some help. If you think there are better options please advise. Thanks for your assistance, Allan
. How To Make A Portable Motion Detecting Alarm (PIR) - You Tube

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Hey Allan
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I can see that link didn’t come through due to this being your first post here, I have got that fixed for you and you should be able to add that link in so that we can help you with your project!


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Good Morning Brayden,
This is the link to the you tube video. I hope I’ve done it right this time.

Hi Allan,

There are 3 ways I can see you doing this one:

  1. Do it the way the video suggests. It’s a very simple circuit that you probably won’t have trouble with, do you have much experience soldering and wielding a multimeter? That should be all you need
  2. Do it the digital way. With how affordable microcontrollers and sensor modules are, this is a good way to go depending on the type of sensor you want
  3. Get something commercial. This is the lamest option by far, but sometimes you want something a solution that “just works” for a solved problem

Option 1

We’ve got most of the bits required in our range:

Our 5.1V Zener diode is out of stock at the moment, your local Jaycar might have one

Option 2

Will require you dipping your toes into coding, but would give you more flexibility to adjust out false positives:

There are more parts required around the above, but I’ll go into them more only if you want to go down this route specifically

Good Morning James,
Thank you for the information. I think I’ll start with Option 1. I’m okay with a soldering iron and I have a multimeter. Option 2. sounds interesting but coding is probably beyond me. I am old school. I assume I can go to your website and order the parts?
Again thanks for your assistance,

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