New component to help with code snippets on the forum

I’ve just setup a component in the forum to help notify people if code needs to be wrapped. At the time of posting a reply or new topic, if it detects code needs should be wrapped, then the below popup will appear.

It’s simply not clear for people kicking off their journey into electronics/coding/etc to understand the world of markdown formatting, hopefully, little nudges such as this help along the way!

Let me know (as a reply here) if this new feature gets in the way of anything, I’m all ears.

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Excellent idea.
I just posted a code snippet. My observations.

The pop up does not fix the code, but the name for the return button seems to indicate it does.
After selecting the code then applying Preformatted text, the pop up still appeared.
I click Post Anyway and the code appears ok, with the scroll bars etc.
My post was to this question…

Thanks James

It seems the preformatted text tool image is hard to detect if active, or not. The keyboard character ` is used for this mod, also a lot easier to detect.

It’s similar markdown used for Stack Overflow and other places, so hopefully it does more good than bad.

I’ll keep digging around though to see if there is a better way to catch the use of text formatted with image (until then, feel free to tick the “Don’t show this message again” checkbox followed by “Post Anyway”)