New video by Graham; Core Electronics Live [4] The Factory

New video! In this episode, we chat about #TheFactory and what we have been up to recently, along with projects we and others have been chipping away on.

The Factory

03:05 Our Building Reshuffle
07:35 Nadine, our Pick and Place Machine (model, specs)
12:29 Introduction to our new segment called #TheFactory

On the Bench

15:06 PiicoDev™ - The overarching project
18:28 GlowBit™ Rainbow - Quick overview
20:09 Chinwag about WS2818 v5
21:41 GlowBit™ Rainbow - Test jig overview
24:26 PiicoDev™ - A prototype example
27:29 Core Electronics origin story, ultra-quick version!
28:55 Why we are choosing MicroPython
30:46 PCB Panelisation
32:38 PCB Colours
37:12 Logic Level Converter
40:38 Fancy Camera Setup!

Worth a Read

44:20 Python Workshop for Beginners
47:42 Automating Test-Equipment with Python

Ask a Maker

51:18 USB Isolator for OctoPrint and Creality Printers Octoprint / Pi and USB Isolator - Support - Core Electronics Forum
54:27 MPLAB Compatible Programmer MPLAB Compatible USB PIC Programmer (PGM-09671) - Sparkfun - Core Electronics Forum
54:57 Shout out to Robert Profile - Robert93820 - Core Electronics Forum


Nice rundown. Good to see Seon dropping in to follow what’s going on!

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