New video by Michael; The Factory | Device drivers with Raspberry Pi Pico PIO

New video! The Raspberry Pi Pico has a wonderfully flexible feature called PIO that we can use to craft custom, non-blocking device drivers. We’re working on a new load-cell ADC project in The Factory, and the serial protocol is a little unusual - the perfect case for PIO! We’ll walk through the protocol and show you what we came up with.

This video can also be viewed here


hello, I watched your video.
It was very nice!

and I tried. but it did not work…

Can I see the program somewhere?
Or do I need to install some other library in advance?



Hi Hidenari,

What hardware are you using with this? We’re working hard to bring out the official Makerverse Load Cell Amplifier, and all the usual support material (guides etc.) that come with that, but that’s all “in the oven” for now.



Hi James,

Thank you for your reply !!
I checked. It’s a HX711.

Can I buy the 'official Makerverse Load Cell Amplifier?
or I will try making it…


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As you like! The Makerverse unit won’t be available for a few weeks yet - we like to have all our guides written and edited before release.