New video by Michael; The Factory | New PiicoDev 'Smart' Module Development

New video! Two more designs in the pipeline for PiicoDev - this week in The Factory we’re looking at a Micro SD Card Module to enable simple, external data logging in MicroPython. A buzzer module is also in the works as we look at expanding our range of output modules.

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    This video can also be viewed here


    Those capacitors are so snug around the µSD slot, I’d imagine the order of placement starts to matter for the pick and place putting it together.


    Definitely, usually big components like connectors and switches go on last. Or rather, we place components in loose order of z-height.
    Pick&Place nozzles also have a slight taper which can push tall components out of the way if they were placed first.


    Use an emitter follower on the DAC driving one side of the piezo? You’ll lose 0.6V but as you note that won’t make much difference to the sound intensity.

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