Particle Relay Shield for Photon (CE00287)

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The Relay Shield allows you to control any normal outlet or high voltage product from anywhere. 240VAC is lethal. Do not use this product unless qualified to do so.

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Can I use this to turn lights on and off in my house? The description says 250V AC (which would appear to work) but then it says max current 10A at 125V AC. Could someone please explain the difference? How many watts of power can I run if controlling a light attached to the mains please?

Hi James,

That is a typo in the description. The max rated voltage is 220V @ 10A, the 125V @ 10A indicates that you cant pull 20A at a lower voltage.

You can power devices up to 2000 watts.

Hopefully that clears it up. We will correct the description.

Thanks Stephen. So could you please confirm each relay can take a load of 2kw at mains voltage? So in total I could power 4x2=8kw?

Best regards,


Hey James,

The datasheet seems to indicate that each relay can handle 2000W.