Pi monitor 12V Battery


I have a RPi Zero W that I have in my car. I’d like to monitor the 12V battery.
What do I need? The searches I have conducted so far say I need a Analogue to Digital converter as the Pi is Digital only.

I found: https://core-electronics.com.au/analog-to-digital-converter-mcp3002.html
I was hoping for a “plug and playish” solution.
Do you sell anything a bit more friendly?


How about this device. Just need a case and connector to a 12V outlet in your car.
I have used these on two variable power supplies I built, they work really well.
Resolution is 0.1 Volt.

Of course it does not tie in with the Raspberry Pi, but if all you want to know is the voltage …

(Core Electronics Customer)


I need it to the Pi as I am using the Data elsewhere.

Fair enough. You could try this device, it has 3 analog inputs and states it can handle +/-24V input.

As with Pimoroni products you will never find a schematic to be confident it will work. You just have to believe them. But in my experience all their products work nicely as advertised. There is also a Github library for accessing this device.

(Core Electronics Customer)

PS this device is designed to plug directly into the Pi GPIO header. Pins 1,3,5,7,9.