PI Pico MicroPy install

Just received Pi Pico. Unable to install MicroPy. Connects as a drive via USB cable but when drop specific .UF2 file onto drive it disconnects and does not reconnect. Have tried different versions of .UF2 specific for Pico but still not solve.
Have tried different laptops. Can easily install CircuitPy without any issues. Why is MicroPy an issue?
Every time I go through same routine - hold down boot button to reset on connect and drop UF2 file onto drive. Any ideas?

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Hi Steffan!

This is expected behaviour, if you open up the device manager after dropping the UF2 you should see a new COM port open up.

When you load up Thonny after click on that new COM port and you’ll have access to the REPL and the onboard filesystem.

Circuitpython keeps the USB drive available to allow for loading code with drag and drop, but focuses on different goals to Micropython.

Let us know how you go!