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PiicoDev Requests/Suggestions

Hi Core Electronics Team!

I gotta say I love what you are doing with PiicoDev, I’ve ordered a few parts today and I noticed a few things that would just like to leave some feedback.

The PiicoDev connector is compatible with the SparkFun Qwiik and Stemma QT connectors and that would have been great to have in the product description as I’m mixing and matching for my project.

I need to measure CO2 and temperature for this project I’m building and unfortunately I ended up going with The SparkFun Environmental Breakout instead of the PiicoDev sensors because of my need for CO2, but I would have preferred to get the PiicoDev and keep things local. Not to mention that your prices are much more reasonable. Please consider a CO2 sensor in the future! (although I probably won’t need one now…)

My other suggestion is that you consider making an analog to I2c PiicoDev board. I’m not sure if this exists but it would be great to have an easy way to integrate analog sensors into the I2C chain.

Looking forward to see what you make next!


Hi Stephen,

Welcome to the forum!!
Awesome, I’m keen to see what you make :smiley:

I can attest to the Qwiic connectors working but there are a couple of gotchas with STEMMA on the electrical side, sometimes they can feed 5V through on the Vcc line, damaging the sensor.

You check out Core’s progress on The Factory episodes over on YouTube!



Good to know about Stemma! Thanks!