Pimoroni Inky 4" e-ink display

Hi there, has anyone had any success displaying web pages (screen shots of web pages) using the html.sh script provided by Pimoroni? I’m getting “illegal command” when it executes. I’ve tried breaking it down and just trying to produce a screen shot using firefox from a bash prompt with no success. Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks.

All, I’m trying to do is create a Dakboard dashboard of a calendar on the Inky display - should be so easy…:slight_smile:

Hi Tariq,

Could you give me the SKU number or the full name of the Pimoroni e-ink display you were troubleshooting?
I’ve found 3 different 4-inch e-ink displays with Inky in the name and they all work a little differently.
Was your display one with a microcontroller built in? Or a HAT for a Raspberry Pi?

Hi Trent,

Off the side of the box…PIM600 barcode 0 769894 020913
Inky Impression 4" 7 colour epaper HAT.

Hi @Trent5487676, any updates on this?

Hi Tariq,

Sorry this one slipped through the cracks!

I’ve taken a look at html.sh, and it’s about as simple as it gets:


firefox --headless --screenshot --window-size=600,448 file://$CWD/$filename
../image.py screenshot.png

All it’s doing is calling Firefox headless, then running image.py on the image it generates (always called screenshot.png). I’d recommend running each command individually, and seeing which part is generating that error.

Also, could you share the URL/html you’re trying to get firefox to screenshot?

Keen to get to the bottom of this with you!

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